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Version: 5 april 2019
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Theme: Improving the world
once upon : one day I saw a documentary about the Disappearance of the Bees in China because of using pesticides.
Problem: bees and other pollinators population are in danger and may affect beekeeping economy.
solution: growing economy of beekeeping will help to have more bees and increase knowledge about using pesticides.
climax: Honily is here to help you find honest beekeepers and buy pure honey from them.

It's great for me to find out that this is something that you saw and made you take action!!
My question to help me stay in your shoes would be: what caused you to see the problem as "your" problem. As in: what mad you decide that YOU should do something? Did the situation anger you / scare you? What does that problem mean for you? In a story, I'm looking at the world through your eyes, so I care about the thing YOU care about.
What does the solution mean exactly? Do you mean that you're making sure that honest beekeepers earn more money? Or that they get incentives to not use pesticides any more?
What was your story in this? Your true story or that of people you're involved with is usually the easiest to tell by far.

In this case Honily is basically the epilogue of the story. The hero of the story is never the product. The product is the tool that the hero uses to save the day. Because I guess that anyone will help with the solution (and be the hero) by using Honily. Does my assumption make any sense?

Version: 13 maart 2019
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Theme: Collaboration
100 jaar geleden werkten we op dezelfde manier samen als nu. Sindsdien is de wereld en de manier waarop we communiceren enorm veranderd! Wil je anno 2019 op de beste manier samenwerken, dan moet dat veranderen! Creëer een psychologische veilige zodat anderen kunnen delen en doen wat ze daadwerkelijk willen – en wordt verrast door de potentie!

Zoals ik bij mijn andere feedback me al afvroeg: was het 100 jaar geleden wél OK dat we zo werkten? Ik vraag het me af.

Los daarvan is dit een statement + oproep.

Een verhaal is iets wat je publiek helpt in jouw schoenen te staan en de wereld te zien door jouw ogen. Een verhaal kan zijn een anecdote, iets wat je hebt meegemaakt dat jouw punt onderschrijft. In jouw werk kan het niet anders dan dat je flinke transformaties in het samenwerken ofwel hebt veroorzaakt of hebt zien gebeuren. Hoe was het? Wat was het 'oude' normaal? Hoe zag dat eruit? Iets waardoor ik het voor me zie.

En dan blijkt dat problematisch te zijn. Een verhaal zonder probleem is heul saai (Roodkapje zonder wolf was geen hit geweest vermoed ik). En het probleem lijkt me het gevolg van niet-veilig samenwerken.

Vervolgens gaat de hoofdpersoon in je verhaal dat probleem oplossen, mogelijk met hindernissen in de vorm van personen en/of situaties of met situaties/mensen die helpen.

En aan het eind heb je een climax. Hoera! het probleem is opgelost! In jouw geval vermoedelijk doordat je tijd steekt in de psychologische veiligheid en dat je ook echt die transformatie ziet gebeuren met alle mooie gevolgen van dien.

Welk verhaal zou je daarvoor kiezen?

Version: 9 maart 2019
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Theme: Salvation
we can all enjoy dining together after a long work time. but my friend can't, because of her hand tremor disabling her from eating appropriately and she's ashamed. our magic spoon can stabilize her spoon and now she can eat properly and enjoying her dine time with family and friends!

I guess that's why you started this business?
That's a great story to use then!! And I guess that the effects are more profound than "just" being able to eat properly now. I'm guessing that it also has quite an effect on her social life and her insecurities?

Version: 28 februari 2019
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Theme: Improving the world
Many years before I had to hire someone to guard a place for a long holiday. There was just one option to hire in blue-collar jobs: putting it in newspaper. I had to go to the newspaper office with my ID card and pay too much money just for 3 days. I did it and guess what happened? Nobody even called. So, I forced to guard the place the whole of my vacation myself as I didn't find the right guy

Yeah, you mentioned this during our conversation. And there's a lot in this example already for you:
- loads of hassle
- high-cost
- no result

And of course: in the current economic situation it's almost impossible that no one would be willing to do that job. So while you lost money and time to do the job, someone else missed out on the income. Maybe that person just didn't buy THAT paper that day. Or never buys papers. But that doesn't mean that he wouldn't want to earn a little extra money...

So that left everyone unhappy. And THAT's where 3Sootjobs comes in! 🙂

Version: 19 februari 2019
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Theme: Collaboration
Iets met samenwerken, dat is waar mijn verhaal over gaat.

HIer dan mijn feedback

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